When you purchase an exclusive home, you expect nothing less than exceptional standards and quality. You want a home that can stand the test of time, with considered spaces and elegant design. A place where you can raise a family, entertain friends and relax after a long day.

At Aview, we live for when the vision comes together, when all the hard work of building a home from scratch simply melts into that perfect moment when our clients go from buying a dream house, to feeling like they are truly home for the very first time.



AVIEW was founded by Gus van der Spek in 2015.

With a number of exclusive homes successfully developed in the Southern Suburbs of Cape Town, AVIEW strives to break the mold by using the best materials, workmanship and design teams to create high-quality contemporary homes. Working efficiently, assisting neighbours, partnering with new owners and offering excellent after-sales service are simply part of the deal.

Make Contact

Our ambition is to create legacy homes. Please contact Gus van der Spek (director and owner) if you would like to enquire about one of our existing developments, or if you are looking for an experienced partner to develop your plot or property.

Cell: +27 71 111 6963
Email: gus@aview.properties
Address: 8 Wytham Avenue Kenilworth Cape Town